Listen to some of Duane's compositions

Heroic Theme: A Salute To The Heroes -- A soldier in uniform, about to deploy to the front in the service of an ideal. This piece captures that iconic moment.

Sad Theme: A Shoebox Of Memories -- This is a composition for string quartet -- it captures the feeling of sadness that can come from a shoebox of photographs.

Adventure Theme: High Seas Adventure -- This was written to accompany a scene of a sailing ship heading into a big storm, following the promise of treasure.

Horror Theme: Leave the Lights On -- The title is actually a warning... this piece explores the use of the dark side of the orchestra. It is meant to have a 'creepy' feeling.

Intense Action Theme: Looking For A Way Out -- The moment of confrontation between the hero and the forces of evil has arrived, and things aren't looking too good for our guy!

Dramatic Theme: Nightfall -- This piece was written to accompany a wartime scene: night has fallen and the battle continues in the distance, while soldiers huddle together for warmth, alone with their thoughts.

Comedy Theme: Roach Circus -- This is a comedy cue, written for a light scene where a gathering of a group of friends is interrupted by a cockroach. It ends badly for the roach...

Light Action Theme: Run For It -- This is a little longer cue to accompany the twists and turns of a chase scene.


Duane Sharman's recent EP, Take The Day Off is now available for purchase from the iTunes Store, as well as from Click the Links below to go directly to the album.


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Duane Sharman is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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